Triangulated 4-Bar Installation Instructions

We have found that using different diameter wheels and tires can affect how they look in the fender openings. For example on 1955 (2nd series) to 1959 Chevy trucks, we move the front axle centerline forward 2 “ so that a 195 / 75 / 15 tire looks centered in the fender opening. We recommend that you take 10 minutes and follow this sheet rather than 3-4 hours cutting and re-positioning the suspension parts. In the end, you want your wheels and tires centered in the fender openings. Cars and trucks are dependent on their wheelbase.

1. After removing the original front or install the fenders and position the ride height and rake of the chassis. Place the wheel tire into the fender opening and block it position for the best appearance.

2. With the wheels and tires into position, extend a chalk line (e.g., twine, heavy string) from the wheel center to the wheel center and beneath the vehicles frame mils. Using a plumb bob, hang off the top of the frame rails and mark.

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